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  1. Miguel Maldonado

    Daren was an awesome friend and teammate! He was definitely a role model to me when it came to our racquetball team at West Point. Daren always had a smile on his face and always help keep those around him happy. Remember him for the amazing man he was!

  2. Jen Odom

    Our box remembered Darren’s commitment to his country & his ultimate sacrifice today during our annual “Hell Week” performing Hidalgo. We were HONORED to sweat in his memory today.

    – CrossFit Eastern Shore
    Daphne, Alabama

  3. Stephen Taft

    My name is Stephen Taft and I am the father of Captain Joshua Taft ( West Point, 2008). Derrin and Josh were cadets together at West Point and kept in touch with each other. We live within a short distance from West Point, whenever Joshua came home, he always came with some cadets; Derrin was one who visited often. I came to know Derrin, although not well. He was a good man, a good soldier, cared deeply about this country as well ss his fellow officers. Personally, I travel to West Point often on Memorial Day to honor him as well as other fallen soldiers I met through Josh. In our hearts and prayers, we will never forget.

  4. Sandie Cox

    Remembering Daren today. My son and daughter wear his KIA bracelet so we think of him often. Praying that his family feels the gratitude of this very grateful family and a grateful nation. God Bless your family.

  5. Ellen Duke

    Always remembering dearest Daren, all his family and friends, including his fellow Guppies. Memorial Day Blessings with prayers and love🇺🇸.

  6. Dan Sherwood

    Thinking of your family’s and 1LT Hidalgo’s sacrifice this Memorial Day weekend 2017. Never forgotten.

  7. Jennifer Spivey

    What a touching story that brings you back to the reality that we should cherish everyday that we have with our children,family, and friends. God Bless the family and friends of this soldier and I commend their continued efforts to not let this hero be forgotten. I saw many shirts worn this weekend at the Soldier Marathon and I know everyone that wore them, wore them with pride.
    Jennifer Spivey

  8. Dan Sheehan

    My daughter and her husband, Chris Mattos, spoke of Daren at their wedding yesterday. I and every single person in the room was touched by what a wonderful person he was. I am sorry that I never had a chance to meet Daren but happy that Chris had that distinct honor. If a measure of someone’s life is how many other lives they’ve touched, this page and this site are proof of what an amazing life Daren led.

    Dan Sheehan

  9. Richard Thomas

    Jorge and family, memories of Daren and the greatness of his legacy live on in the hearts and lives of those he touched. Daren was a wholesome and dignified warrior, and it moves me knowing that he held back the need to tend to himself; instead, he committed himself to leading his soldiers and demonstrated the spirit of a true warrior. Jorge, I will tell you that although our acquaintance at the Fort Benning gym was short and brief, Daren’s disposition represented the qualities of poise, and honor. We have lost one of our nation’s finest examples of courage and decency. May God bring peace and happiness to the Hidalgo family.

  10. Fernando Rodriguez

    I was at the Waukesha memorial service, not becuase I knew Daren, but because I am a Veteran of Vietnam, and wanted to pay respect to a Fallen hero.

  11. Molly

    I am a blogging friend of Caroline’s, so I did not know Daren, but my heart has been aching for you all since I heard the news. Thanks to the Internet, many of us who did not have the pleasure to know him now think of him often, and his memory will live on outside of family and friends. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  12. Toni

    What a gift it was to have spent time with Daren in one of nature’s most beautiful places, Yellowstone and the Tetons. As I look back on that trip and see the pictures of the many places Daren traveled I realize just how much life Daren could bring to the occasion and how fully he enjoyed every moment. Please know that his sacrifice will not be forgotten, he will always be remembered by our family in the most beautiful of places. Our prayers remain with you and your family always.

  13. Barb and Greg Romanello

    Our continued prayers go out to the Hidalgo Family. May they be comforted to know so many of us have not forgotten.

  14. Ken Boretti '81

    Jorge and family, this is such a loving and beautiful tribute to Daren and the life he gave for his country and all of us. We continue to offer our prayers and condolences to your family. We are grateful for the awesome example of courage and faith that Daren and all the Hidalgo family have shown us. We can only imagine the applause he received from our Savior as he entered into His kingdom for all eternity. “Lo! I tell you a mystery. We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed.” 2 Cor 15:51

  15. Kevin

    I knew Daren from a summer spent at West Point. He was always smiling, joking, and trying to get me to come out of my shell at Buckner. Being an outsider and attached to a unit of folks who have already built a strong relationship throughout their plebe year, I felt like an odd ball. I wasn’t a West Pointer, I was from a small mountain college in North Georgia that none of them had really heard about. None of this stopped them all from treating me like family instantly. My opinions forever changed about West Pointers following that great summer…largely due to Daren Hidalgo, John Runkle, and countless others from my platoon. Your friendship didn’t end there…you stayed in contact with me throughout the remaining time we were all still in college. You never expect to wake up one day to find that it is someone that you know that has given the last full measure of devotion….It’s never easy, but especially when it is someone you have shared time with. I know that you, John, and Dimitri all are heros, brothers, friends, and more importantly, children of God. You are all in heaven watching over all of us down here, helping to protect us as we continue in the paths that we have all at one time shared. My thoughts and prayers are still with your family, friends and loved ones. May your strength forever be an example to me as I find my way in this journey of life.

  16. Anthony Castile

    My deepest sympathies are with 1LT Daren Hidalgo’s family.

    LT Hidalgo, may it be said “Well Done, Be Thou at Peace”.

  17. Tony Gates

    Me and my family’s deepest, most solemn condolences are with you and your family, Jorge. Thank you for raising such an outstanding young man who has affected the lives of a multitude.

    I now have a model after with I can raise my own son.

    Strength As One!

  18. Bob Domitrovich '81

    Be Thou at Peace Daren. My sincerest condolence to the Hidalgo family, our prayers are with you.

  19. Mathew J. Scanio

    I am part of the Eastern Collegiate Racquetball Conference(ECRC) Alumni Family now (Alumnus from UMass Lowell) but I had the honor of playing on the same court as Daren. Daren and I would always be joking around off the courts and his radiant smile was truly contagious. While we were playing on or off the courts, he was always respectful and demonstrated the highest integrity. When I heard about his passing, I was choked up and couldn’t believe what happened. I only knew Daren through the ECRC but we developed a distant friendship, a camaraderie that was special. My heart and thoughts go out to the Hidalgo family while I wish you all the best in the healing process. Thank you for your time.

  20. Pat A.

    We can only imagine how proud you must be of the fine young man Daren became and his dedication to set about protecting our freedoms. It’s at times like these that we all must realize that freedom isn’t free; and we need to be grateful for such commitment, honor, and sacrifice.

    I/we are deeply sorry for your loss, Jorge, and hope that in some way you and your family will eventually live into some form of mending for your souls. God bless and keep you.

  21. Kristin

    Daren was a good friend of mine and he lives on in my heart every day. Whenever I give someone a hug I think of him, and how connected one felt when in a Daren hug. I strive to honor his memory through my words and actions and I send my sincere condolences to your family. Anyone who loved Daren is a friend of mine, because he only kept the best company. Goodness and blessings to all.

  22. Kenneth

    Allow me to convey to you and your family my sincere condolences for the loss of your son, 1LT Daren M. Hidalgo. In the hearts of all who knew Daren, his memory lives. May you find strength and comfort to help you through this time of sorrow. In the days and weeks to come, grief may cause you to find many of the routine tasks of life difficult to perform. It is during these times that I as your friend would be glad to help. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

  23. Marianne

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this very difficult time. I am sure all of the wonderful memories you have of your beloved son will be kept close to your hearts.
    Sincerest condolences,

  24. Kathy

    My heart is breaking for all of you. Please know that my family is thinking of and praying for you and yours.